Our Organization

Established in 1991

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Illinois Raptor Center is to ensure the well-being of native animals through wildlife rehabilitation; to increase conservation awareness through educational outreach; to contribute expertise and support to conservation partners; and to improve our understanding of wildlife.


Jane Seitz, Founder, Executive Director/Illinois Raptor Center

Jacques Nuzzo, Founder, Program Director/Illinois Raptor Center

Dr. Travis Wilcoxen, Millikin University Biology Department Professor

Jo Fossett, Executive Director of the Illinois Audubon Society

Dr. Tih-Fen Ting, Conservation Ecology Lab Department of Environmental Studies University of Illinois Springfield

Alicia Knudson, Professor of Biology, Millikin University

Beth Chan, Certified Veterinary Technician, Hospital Manager

Permanent home

Purchased in 1994

The Illinois Raptor Center is a 25.5 acre facility located along the Sangamon River in Macon County Illinois. The center facilities include 8 Eagle sized mews (12'x 12' x 9'), 16 large sized mews (9'x9'x8'), 12 small sized mews (9'x6'x8') for  Education and the same number for Rehabilitating birds, plus one medium sized barn/flight and SUPERFLIGHT, the longest flight cage for rehabilitation in North America (409' long).  There is a separate building for isolation, and inside housing for those birds that must be brought inside for weather related conditions. Education mews and rehabilitation mews are separated and those birds are never housed with one another.  


The Illinois Raptor Center is a private,not-for-profit corporation as allowed by section 501(C) (3) of the IRS tax code. Tax deductible gifts, according to the IRC rules for tax deductions, are those for which you have received nothing in return. FEIN #37-1287919

Have a Bird's Eye View of the

Illinois Raptor Center


Our wildlife hospital

Our Working Directors

The wildlife hospital (below) is a separate building where birds are admitted,examined and cared for if there is a need for intensive care. It has been renovated several times to make room for additional incubators and medical equipment.

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